Friday 18 March 2011

Non-Profits: Get Your Free Web Marketing Plan, Courtesy of Bing, Deep Focus, Twitter and Facebook

Social Hackathon Teaser from Deep Focus on Vimeo.

Most non-profits can't afford to big brand-name agency and media consultants, but now they can at least benefit from their insights, for free.
Digital shop Deep Focus spearheaded a "hackathon" last month in San Francisco to help the charity, but rather than keep all that useful information secret, they're releasing it on the web to help other charities address mounting tech-related challenges.

The result: an e-book titled "The Goodness Engine: Driving Greater Social Impact in the Digital World," which contains tips for any nonprofit and for-profit companies interested in using the kind of state-of-the-art strategies dreamed up by the 40 participants including execs from Google, Twitter, Facebook, Altimeter Group, WebTrends, O'Reilly Radar and, well, Cheezburger Network.
Deep Focus client Microsoft sponsored the effort through Bing and Hotmail.
Christian Borges, VP-social media communications at Deep Focus, said the information that resulted from the hackathon is extremely valuable, but it was important that it be made available for free.
"It's really about aggregating all of that info and that experience packaging it in a way that's compelling and relevant and putting it out there for free consumption," Mr. Borges said "It's putting our dollars and money where our mouth is and leading by example. Hopefully more organizations can do the same."

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