Friday 19 March 2010

Lesson 1 - AIDA

This month Blue Crayon would like to introduce you to Aida.
There are some advertising techniques which are universal to any medium: print, television, radio, billboard, bus etc which if adhered to can help make a success of all your future advertising.

A - Attention
I - Interest
D - Desire
A - Action

Attention – You have a very short window of opportunity in which to grab your reader’s full attention so your choice of headline is critical. The purpose of your headline is to get people to read your ad, not to sell your product. Don’t
overcrowd your headline with too much information (remember you only have a few seconds). It’s important to test and monitor headlines, as a change of just one word can increase response rates by up to 100%

Interest – So now that you have their attention, what are you going to do to keep it? Too much information can be just as detrimental to your ad as too little. Also remember to consider colouring, fonts and consistency as the eye
travels down the page – garish does not equal interesting! 

Desire – You must create a desire within your readers for the product or service you offer. A want or a need that they cannot imagine being truly fulfilled anywhere else. Many things are interesting, it takes that extra something special to make them desirable.

Action – So many people forget what is vitally important in closing your ad and that is you need to call your reader to take action. If you don’t tell them what it is you want them to do how can you expect them to do it? You might want the action to be a sale or for them to place a call and request a brochure,
whatever it is be sure to make it easy for them. There’nothing worse than taking an interest in a product and not being able to figure out how to access it.

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